Phishing Scams - The Weekly Top 3 - ED-35.2016

By Jon Phish, Fri 02 September 2016, in category News

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The Weekly Top 3 are the three most relevant news stories for the week that are related to phishing scams and activities reported in the media, security blogs and security magazines on the Internet. This week, we look at phishing activities related to GoDaddy, Paypal and a classic $44m e-mail scam.

GoDaddy Customers Receive Phishing Emails

A new phishing scam targeting GoDaddy customers surfaced earlier this week. The phishing e-mail contained a notification that informed the customer that their e-mail storage had reached its capacity. As a result, they would not be able to receive any e-mails. The e-mail continued by requesting the customer upgrade their storage or have their account suspended. They were directed to click on a malicious e-mail link, which forwarded them to a fake GoDaddy login page. This page was used to steal the customer's login credentials. Click Here to read more.

Paypal Customers Targeted In New Phishing Scam Dubbed Angular Phishing

Customers of the popular payment service, PayPal have been tricked into giving their login credentials via malicious links on Twitter. The phishing scam dubbed angular phishing, has been around for sometime, but has recently resurfaced on social media. It begins with the scammer using a fake customer-support account to help customers, but instead the scammers attempt to steal their victim's login credentials. The latest in this type of attack involved the use of two fake PayPal Twitter accounts. Where a tweet was sent out to customers, which encouraged the recipients to go to the actual PayPal account for assistance. While there, the scammers would be monitoring the PayPal page in the hope of convincing their victims that they were actual PayPal support. The scammers would supply the customer with a malicious link to a fake login website and steal their login credentials. Click Here to read more.

Oldest E-mail Scam Nets Hackers $44m In A Single Heist

The leading cable manufacturer, Leoni AG announced that they were the victim of a phishing scam. It cost the company $44 million dollars and the scammers used an old phishing scam to swindle the funds from the company. The phishing scam involved using fake payment request e-mails, which were sent to a Leoni satellite in Romania. The messages were received and handled by one of the company's financial officers, who processed the request. This netted the scammers $44 million dollars, with no questions asked. Click Here to read more.